A mind powered light and sound installation by Marcus Lyall
(a collaboration with composer Robert Thomas and technologist Alex Anpilogov)


Crossing the arts-science divide, the installation was extremely popular with visitors as it was both reactive and immersive - a unique experience that made an impact on the participants emotions and wellbeing.

Using a high-powered laser, this large scale interactive light and sound installation was controlled by participants minds, via an EEG headset. As thought patterns change, the electrical data from the brain was used to control the music and to create an intricate light experience.

Participants were encouraged to use their level of mental focus to control the installation. When concentrating on one thought, the music got higher in pitch and the light patterns become faster, whiter and more intense. As their thoughts scatter, the music became lower in pitch and the light patterns become slower. In this way, thoughts are transformed into architectural-size gestures for an on-looking audience.




21 days in September/October 2015

Location A disused Railway Arch, America Street, Bankside, London, SE1

Commissioned and produced by Illuminate Productions. In partnership with Better Bankside and Tate Modern. Supported by Arts Council England, ER Productions, Brogan Scaffolding, Network Rail, Ramboll and Neurosky. Supported by Arts Council England, ER Productions, Brogan Scaffolding

The project won 1st place for best and most innovative use of lasers across the entertainment industry in the International Laser Display Association Awards 2015.

Key coverage total reach 900 million.
Media included, BBC Click, London Live, BBC Radio Robert Elms, The Times, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Guardian, Time Out, Financial Times, Evening Standard.  

The location in a railway arch had a particular resonance. As London becomes increasingly developed, these hidden spaces have become both rarer and more accessible. This installation was a chance to recapture a feeling of wonder by ducking off a busy street and entering a different world.
— Marcus Lyall


The original project was developed and adapted for a new site, this time it featured over 30,000 LED lights that illuminated. It was attended by 5000 per day for the duration and due to popularity was re-commissioned the following year.


Date 10 days January 2017 and 10 days January 2018.

Location A disused underground shopping mall beneath the new Cross Rail Station, Canary Wharf, London.

Awards Voted best lighting event in the Darc Awards 2017.

Commissioned by the Canary Wharf Group for their annual Winter Lights Festival.  Produced by Illuminate Productions, supported by Brogan Group

The installation acts a feedback loop. It actively rewards concentration, visitors feel a sense of achievement at casting away their inhibitions and achieving clarity.
— Marcus Lyall





Marcus has created experimental film and interactive projects for the last 20 years. Starting with live film shows during the heady days of rave, he moved on to specialise in making visuals for large-scale concerts. He now works on a range of moving-image projects, from award-winning stage visuals for The Chemical Brothers, Metallica's feature film to directing a commercial starring Lionel Messi. He has created a number of artworks, which have been exhibited at galleries including The ICA, National Gallery of Australia, Seoul Museum of Modern Art and the Science Museum, London.  



A music composer and sound designer, Rob makes music behave in unusual ways, often reacting or adapting itself to the listener’s mood or situation. He is currently working on music which adapts to user behaviour and data to help people understand how to exercise better, meditate better or live a healthier lifestyle. In August 2014 he worked with Artists & Engineers and Atmos Studio to create a 3d ambisonic soundscape for Arboreal Lightning – a large scale interactive LED tree installation at the heart of Imogen Heap’s Reverb festival.





Alex is a designer and technologist who develops hybrid projects for advertising, film, digital and live event industries. Starting his career as a creative technologist at a pioneering projection mapping studio The Darkroom, Alex now specialises in building bespoke production pipelines that combine a variety of mediums, data and outputs - from generative visuals and LED design to mobile apps and the web. He also runs a boutique investment company which helps fund early stage UK-based startups.