Interactive experiences combining popular culture with high arts to engage a diverse audience.



Site reactive artworks in unexpected places to enrich public space and engage a universal audience.



Unique activities that educate, challenge perceptions and make a positive impact in community.



Working alongside artists and organisations to celebrate prominent anniversaries and places.


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The Feel Good Institite – A Multi-Sensory Experience
by Various Artists

(June - July, London)
A journey through a varied collection of interactive installations and performances designed to be uplifting and therapeutic and encourage the participant to see the world in a different way.

Time to Make Merry
(June, London)
A series of unusual outdoor performances and visual installations on Blackfriars Road to surprise passers by and inject humour, energy and happiness into their daily commute.

Requiem for Crossbones by Emily Peasgood
(June - July, London)
A site-specific sound installation that responded to movement, triggering a soundscape on the site of an unconsecrated post-medieval burial ground, to connect the participant with the history of the place.

Lunch Beat
(June, London)
Created by Molly Ränge, with an emphasis on playfulness and community, Lunch Beat was an opportunity for participants to meet, eat and dance for an hour to raise their feel good levels

Only When I Laugh
(June, London)
A series of interactive theatrical laughter workshops, produced by Robin Linde Productions that aimed to break down barriers and bring participants together to increase their wellbeing.

A Masterclass of the Roland TB-03 with a Guy Called Gerald
(June, London)
Roland Corporation’s David Ahlund gave a master class on the TB-03 followed by A Guy Called Gerald performing an improvised jam and discussing his involvement in the Acid House scene.

They Call It Acid
(June, London)
Writer/Director Gordon Mason screened a series of clips from his documentary “They Call it Acid” followed by a discussion with Christopher Donnelly, Wayne Anthony, Eddie Richards & Andy Carroll

Bankside Smileys
(June, London)
The Smiley Company, the originators of the Smiley face and the world’s first 3D emoticons were commissioned to design unique Smileys for the streets of Bankside to reflect the theme of wellbeing.

The Summer of Love 1988: Acid House at Omeara
(June, London)
A series of events celebrating the Summer Of Love 1988 featuring DJ sets from A Guy Called Gerald, Trevor Fung, Terry Farley, Nancy Noise, Evil Eddie Richards, Andy Carroll and X-Press 2

Marco Miehling – ‘There Was Nowhere To Sit and I’m Falling Between Two Stools’
(June, London)
A site-specific sculptural installation and performance that referenced Bankside’s heritage and its stages of transition offering an in-between state that explored movement and stillness.

Alice Instone – Playing Cards With My Grandmother
8-14 March, Canary Wharf, Carnaby Street and Bankside river walkway.
An interactive performance in a magical art caravan where participants were invited to play games of cards as a way of connecting with each other to celebrate International Women’s Day



BIT.Fall by Julius Popp
January, Canary Wharf, London.
An ever-changing waterfall of words linked to live news feeds, Bit.Fall is now in Canary Wharf’s permanent art collection

On Your Wavelength Part 2 by Marcus Lyall – 2017-2018
January, Canary Wharf, London.
An interactive light and sound installation fitted with 30,000 LEDs, controlled by participants via an EEG headset.

Drive Dead Slow
May-June, London.
The world’s first artist-designed bumper car arena that elevated dodgems to performance art and took the participant on an unexpected psychological journey in a disused fire station.

Patrick Tresset – Machine Studies
May - June, London.
An Installation where a classroom of 20 robot pupils, with various personality traits drew portraits of the human participants in their individual styles, developed from Patrick Tresset’s 6 Robots in 2012.

Superglad at The Union Theatre
May and June, London.
A series of musical performances showcasing original song writing curated by SuperGlad featuring Samantha Whates, James McArthur and the Head Gardeners and Billy Bones.

Caravan Shorts by Robin Linde Productions
May, London.
A series of eight evocative, humorous and intriguing 15 minute plays in the intimate and unusual setting of a caravan to entertain nine audience members at a time during lunchtime and after work.

Time to be Late
May, London.
A theatrical experience on the streets of Southwark celebrating famous former local residents including computer pioneer Charles Babbage and actor and filmmaker Charlie Chaplin.

Museum of Fractures by Sammy Kissing
May, London.
A site-specific immersive theatrical experience at the Kirkaldy Testing Museum to mark their 150th anniversary, exploring what happens when humans have their strength tested to breaking point.

Slapstick Sports Day at Borough Market
May, London.
A revival of Borough Market Sports Day with Charlie Chaplin look-a-likes where participants took part in races and games inspired by the tradition and silliness of the historic competition.

Confessions by Candy Chang
May-June, London.
An interactive installation where participants enter a confession booth to anonymously write their darkest secrets on a wooden plaque, to be then displayed in a public square.


Alice Instone - The Pram In The Hall
March, London.
An exhibition of to-do lists by prominent women offering an insight to the juggling involved in 21st century life and an intimate look into the writer’s state of mind, to mark International Women's Day.

On The Line - United We Stand
October, London.
Black Comedy theatre, celebrating a shared strength and dignity in unity, drawing parallels between Margaret Thatcher’s “Divide and Rule” tactics and today’s political agenda.

Time To Be Late (3) Various performers
October, London.
Immersive pop-up art, music and theatre, taking place at various points along Blackfriars Road, drawing upon infamous characters from the area and the rich history of Southwark.

Bompas & Parr - Voice of God
September – October, London.
A supernatural sound installation in Hilton Bankside’s swimming pool area, ‘Voice of God’ was the first time that infrasound had been creatively used to give participants a spectral visitation.

Riverside Stage
September- October, London.
The Riverside Stage outside the Tate Modern on the Thames walkway showcased original live music curated by Sister Ray and New Roots.

Demonstration Gone Wrong (2)
September and October, London.
A site-specific performance in Borough Market where two chefs presented their food creations together in a comedy of errors, directed and written by Jonathan Peck and Robin Linde.

Happenings - Lunch Time Gigs
October, London.
A variety of loud, lively and theatrical music performances that took place outside Tate Modern on the Southern landscape and in Borough Market's Market Hall.  

September, London.
A collaboration with Resonance 104.4 FM who produced 6 x 1 hour radio programmes featuring interviews Phil Barton of Sister Ray records and live music from Sisika and Ned Roberts.


Jimmy Cauty- Model Village – The Aftermath Dislocation Principle
19 Nov 2015- 28 Jan 2016. London.
A dystopian model village combining high art and mass culture to depict a post-riot landscape in miniature, developed in London after its debut at Dismaland before touring the UK.

The Song and Bottle
October, London.
A unique wine tasting experience at Laithwaites’s Arch, where the drinks were paired with complimentary live music performed by Adam Beattie and Brooke Sharkey.

The Food Demonstration Gone Wrong
October, London.
Two chefs presented their newest food creation together in a site-specific performance for Borough Market’s food demonstration kitchen where everything goes comically wrong.

Caravan Theatre Programmed by Robin Linde Productions
October, London.
Original Theatre performances for four audience members at a time in a 70’s vintage caravan, performers included Sammy Kissin, Judith Amsenga, Annemiek van Elst and Robin Steegman.

Time to be Late (2) Various performers
September, London.
An Immersive pop-up of art, music and theatre taking place at various points along Blackfriars Road, drawing upon infamous characters from the area and the rich history of Southwark.

Adam Frank – Performer
September – December, London.
An interactive installation encouraging participants to perform under a bright spotlight where a computer controlled audio audience responded to the action with applause.

Bompas & Parr – Chamber of Wishes
September – October, London.
An installation where participants could interact with luminescence phenomenon the “Living Light” and focus on their hopes and dreams before adding their wishes to the wishing wall.

The Riverside Stage – Programmed by New Roots
September, London.
The Riverside Stage by the Millennium Bridge showcased original live music including winners of the BBC 2 Folk awards ‘Stick in the Wheel’. 

Merge Radio Shows and Dab Originals Resonance Extra 104.4FM
September- October, London.
A collaboration with Resonance 104.4 FM to produce 6 x 1 hour radio programmes featuring interviews with Marcus Lyall, Rob Thomas and Jack Harris.

On Your Wavelength by Marcus Lyall, Rob Thomas and Alex Anpilogov
September- October, London.
A site-specific interactive experience using the latest light and sound technology combined with data from participant’s brains to create a large-scale immersive light and sound installation.

INTERPLAY - TV Times 60th Anniversary
September- October, London.
A retrospective exhibition with previously unseen exclusive photographs from the TV Times archives featuring stars of entertainment, music and sport, to celebrate their 60th anniversary.


Riverside Radio Special – The Ballad of Shirley Collins. Resonance 104.4FM
October, London.
A tribute to folk singer Shirley Collins on Resonance 104.4fm that included interviews with Shirley and Film Producer Paul Williams with music by artists influenced by her.

Nursery Theatre
October, London.
Artists in Residence Nursery Theatre presented new theatre, music and improvisation that showcased emerging talent in six different performances.

The Crucible
October, London.
An opportunity for artists and scientists to explore ideas in the Gordon Museum of Pathology, chaired by Dan Glaser with guest speakers; scientist Charles Nduka and artist Diarmuid Kelley.

Riverside Stage
September – October, London.
The Riverside Stage by the Millennium Bridge showcased live music promoting original song writing and musical talent. Programmed by Rory Carlile and The Science Gallery.

Peter William Holden
September – October, London.
Peter William Holden combined art and engineering to create 3 robotic installations where machines tap-danced and performed to music, activated by participants in a disused building in Bankside.

Tamiko Thiel – Fractured Visions
September, London.
Artist Tamiko Thiel collaborated with psychiatrist Dr Dominic Ffytche to create a digital artwork that gave participants an emotional perspective on how the world can look through different eyes.

Resonance 104.4FM and Merge Radio Show
September – October, London.
A collaboration with Resonance 104.4 FM who produced 6 x 1 hour radio programmes featuring performers from Merge Festival discussing the history of Southwark and its ghosts.

Rory More Live at Borough Market
September, London.
Lowrey organist Rory More performed his instrumental swing live in the Market Hall to launch Borough Market’s 1000 year birthday celebrations.

Caravan Theatre
September – October, London.
Performance programmed by Robin Steegman where four audience members at a time could experience a 15 minute theatrical experience in a 70’s vintage caravan.

Ruth Ewan – Bread Ahead
October, London.
In collaboration with Tate Modern, artist Ruth Ewan explored the past and present political and social significance of bread in an interactive workshop at Bread Ahead.

Alex Chinneck – A Pound of Flesh for 50p
September – October, London.
A life size two story house made from 8000 wax bricks that was melted to the ground over 4 weeks, celebrating the history of a candle making factory in Bankside.

Candy Chang – Sidewalk Psychiatry
September – October, London.
Candy Chang’s various psychological questions were spray painted onto the pavements around Bankside to encourage participant’s self-evaluation.


Before I Die by Candy Chang
September-October, London
An interactive installation where participants were encouraged to anonymously write their thoughts and ambitions on giant blackboards around Bankside.

The Crucible
October, London.
The Dennis Rosen Trust and the New Scientist presented an evening of discussion, debate and networking for scientists and artists with guest speaker artist James Capper. 

James Capper
October, London.
Artist in residence at the Kirkaldy Testing Museum, James Capper developed ideas that culminated in an exhibition and performances of his work with the Kirkaldy machinery.

Still Point Theatre – The Department of Unreliable Memoirs
October, London.
Performed by Rachel Blackman in the Gold Caravan, The Department of Unreliable Memoirs encouraged participants to retrieve a half forgotten moment from their past.

Riverside Stage
September, London.
Free live music on the Thames river walkway outside the Tate Modern curated by The Gladstone showcasing up and coming bands and performers.

Resonance 104.4FM Presents Oscillatorial Binnage
September, London.
Sound art quartet Dan Wilson, Chris Weaver, Fari Bradley and Toby Clarkson performed a site-specific piece in The Kirkaldy Testing Museum entitled Music at Breaking Point.  

Musical Happenings
Various dates.
A series of musical happenings in unexpected places showcasing up and coming bands alongside established musicians including a performance by Rory More at the Tate Modern.

Bankside Transformed
September – November, London.
Artists were commissioned to transform disused hoardings and derelict buildings throughout Bankside with original artworks including Alex Chinneck's 'Miner on the Moon' aka ‘Upside down House’.

Merge at Resonance 104.4FM
September – October, London.
A collaboration with Resonance 104.4 FM who produced 6 x 1 hour radio programmes featuring selected artists, musicians and performers appearing at Merge Festival.



6 Robots Named Paul by Patrick Tresset
September – October, London.
French Artist and scientist Patrick Tresset created a site-specific studio where the artists were 6 robots who sketched the portraits of participants.

Behind NME Lines
September, London.
A retrospective photography exhibition and events to celebrate 60 years of NME cover shots, including an interview with Viv Albertine from punk band the Slits.

Believe The Magic
October, London.
A new short film by KLF founder Jimmy Cauty, with music by the D.1.Light Industrial Orchestra premiered at the Tate Modern’s Starr Auditorium.

The Crucible Where Scientists Meet Artists
October, London.
The Dennis Rosen Trust and the New Scientist presented an evening of discussion, debate and networking for scientists and artists with guest speaker Patrick Tresset.

Bankside Transformed
September – October, London.
Artists were commissioned to transform disused hoardings on derelict buildings in Bankside with site-specific original artworks, including:

  • Fiona Banner’s “The Exquisite Corpse Will Drink the Young Wine” on a hoarding in Flat Iron Square introduced her adaptation of Snoopy Vs the Red Baron with Viv Albertine and Steve Beresford.

  • Heather and Ivan Morison’s “Skirt of the Black Mouth” around TATE Modern, a sculptural rethinking of a traditional hoarding leaving glimpses of what lay behind.

  • Andy Harper’s “Town and Country”, a series of fly posters painted in oil on newsprint that drew on the existing imagery of the hoardings to negotiate a conversation with the site.

  • SheOne’s  “PROMISESMADEINSMOKE” on a Bankside hoarding and “TEARDOWNLOVE” on opposite walls in Borough Market, two original artworks in household emulsion and spray paint.

Press Play
October, London.
Live theatrical performances, music, pink rabbits and rock n' roll by Jerico Orchestra, Rachel Blackman, Sam Britton, Ted Milton, Silvia Mercuriali and Matt Rudkin, curated by Anna Frisch

The Exquisite Corpse Will Drink The Young Wine
September, London.
A live musical collaboration performance and original interpretation of Snoopy Vs the Red Baron by Fiona Banner, Viv Albertine and Steve Beresford in The Welsh Chapel.

Inua Ellams
October, London.
Inua Ellams performed his poems inspired by conversations with local residents and builders working on the Tate Modern development.

The Second Word from the Story of the Cage by Meet Alice
September, London.
A site-specific performance work in a disused WWII air raid shelter beneath the Hopton Gardens Almshouses by theatre group Meet Alice and Cyrus G Self.

The Midnight Run by Inua Ellams
October, London.
An interactive performance where the participants travelled with the artist through the streets of South London and were invited to respond to the city.

Late Music Nights at Tate Modern
September - October, London.
A series of live musical performances in the Tate Modern that celebrated original music and showcased local musicians.

Art of Punk
October, London.
An evening of music, film and live performances in the Tate Modern Starr Auditorium to launch the Art of Punk, book written by Russ Bestly and Alex Ogg.

Musical Happenings
September – October, London.
A series of musical happenings in unexpected places showcasing up and coming bands alongside established musicians.

Riverside Stage
September – October, London.
Free live music on the Thames river walkway outside the Tate Modern curated by The Gladstone and Notting Hill Arts Club.


Never Records
September – October, London.
Ted Riederer’s art and music installation where participants recorded straight onto vinyl that was played and kept in the Never Records mock shop.

Arturo Vega
October, London.
Arturo Vega, the artist behind the Ramones artwork gave a talk “The Ramones and Me” at Tate Modern, complimented by a display of his artwork at the Never Records Store.

Jamie Reid
September – October, London.
A retrospective of Jamie Reid’s punk artwork, showcased for the first time to co-inside with the Sex Pistols 35th anniversary. 

The Hip Hop Shakespeare Company
October, London.
MOBO-award winning artist Akala Daley and The Hip Hop Shakespeare Company were Artists in Residence, running spoken word workshops with a Bankside youth centre.

The Tapeworm
October, London.
Cassette-only label The Tapeworm staged an evening of performances by BJ Nilsen, CM von Hausswolff with Mike Harding, Peter Hope-Evans and Savage Pencil.

Caravan Theatre
September – October, London.
Silvia Mercuriali, Neil Bennun and Hannah Ringham showcased new performances inside a vintage 1970’s caravan situated on the Thames riverside walkway by the Tate Modern and on Canvey Street.

Riverside Stage
September- October, London.
Free live music on the Thames river walkway outside the Tate Modern including performances by Syd Arthur, Erin K & Tash, The Snakes and Billy Bones curated by The Gladstone.


November – December, London
DRIFT, a series of site-specific artworks in the river Thames and along its banks in central London, combining installations with natural elements to create a dramatic visual landscape, including:

  • bit.fall by Julius Popp, a waterfall creating a cascade of words sourced from live news feeds linked to the Thames and operating only when the tide was high enough to activate it.

  • Sea Light by James Capper, a retro looking mechanical light sculpture of a wind powered fog light, that glowed and reflected on the river at night.

  • Flowlight by Christian Grou and Tapio Snellman, a video light installation, that captured and celebrated the flow and movement of the Thames exploring scale, speed and intensity.

  • To the World’s End by Frank Bolter, two performances involving the public who helped the artist fold a large sheet of paper into an origami boat, which he then sailed down the Thames.



September – November, London
DRIFT, a series of site-specific artworks in the river Thames and along its banks in central London, combining installations with natural elements to create a dramatic visual landscape, including:

  • Ghost Bridge by Keith Bowler, a site-specific laser light Installation that recreated Old Blackfriars Bridge on its original supporting posts, emerging as the night fell across the river.

  • Classification Pending by Craig Walsh, a hyper real projection of mythical creatures on the surface of the river beneath London Bridge, only appearing at dusk and developing into an apparition.

  • Much Was Decided Before You were Born (2) by Mariele Nuedecker, a sound installation disorienting passers by with the sounds of waves, seaside chatter and seagulls cries on Millennium Bridge.

  • Feast of Skulls by Andy Harper, a site-specific installation where lush plant forms appeared to be growing, morphing and climbing on a steel river buoy outside Shakespeare’s Globe theatre.

  • Saved from Drowning by Margaret Evangeline, a large-scale constantly changing steel sculpture floating on the Thames, reflecting a distorted view of the rivers movements.

  • Love-Love by Julien Berthier, a motorised sculpture depicting a capsizing yacht captured in a permanently sinking position that was sailed on the Thames in Canary Wharf by the artist.

  • Migration by Elizabeth Russell, a painting installation on the river outside City Hall, mounted on the masts and rigging of a traditional sailboat to celebrate the historical aspect of trade along the Thames.



The Visitors – Andy Harper
April - May, London
A painting installation, taking participants on a journey of strange occurrences revealing multiple layers and contrasting narratives, by Andy Harper, with a sound-scape by James McArthur and Millimetre

January, London
The first London solo show of British graffiti artist James Choules inspired by abstract typography and expressionism, Choules transformed a historical disused lift factory on London’s Bankside before its demolition. 


September - October, London
An exhibition of site-specific works by international artists exploring chemical and physical change, embracing chance and nature, artists included: Massimo Bartolini, Angela Conner, David Cotterell, Anya Gallaccio, Andy Harper, Mileece, Thomas Nicolai, Kevin O’Brien, Julius Popp, Michael Sailstorfer, Neil Stewart, Lanfranco Aceti and Amanda Moore.


September - October, London
A site-specific exhibition of international artists held in tunnels under London Bridge Station exploring the concepts of movement, energy and change, artists included David Medalla, Jeppe Hein, David Cotterall, Julius Popp, David Ryan, Neil Stewart, Jamie Castro, Hatty Lee, Zebedee Jones, Denis Glaser, Richard Annely, Rosanna Guy Greaves and Ben Youngman.