Illuminate Productions develops opportunities for artists to create ground-breaking, high impact art installations and interactive experiences in unusual spaces; to engage and inspire a universal audience. Over the past 15 years we have commissioned, curated and produced more then 200 exhibitions and events.

Led by Creative Director Caroline Jones, Illuminate Productions is a London-based non-profit art organisation, commissioning and producing contemporary art in unusual yet accessible environments, with direct public interaction.

We offer the public an opportunity to enjoy history in a unique way, as both participants and audience; opening the way for discussion and fresh debate about contemporary art and culture to an international audience.

For more than 15 years, we have been bringing together emerging and established artists, organisations and individuals in experimental partnerships to make site-specific work in challenging contexts. We have staged exhibitions and events in the public realm and in buildings of geographical or historical importance, while also opening up lost buildings before their regeneration.

To date we have a strong track record of staging large-scale art exhibitions and events receiving international acclaim including Merge Festival, an annual arts, music and performance festival drawing on the rich heritage of London's Bankside (since 2011); and DRIFT, a series of strategically placed site-specific artworks in, alongside, and over the river Thames aiming to enrich the cultural outlook of the river.

Through participatory/interactive projects we aim to provide culturally engaging activities that educate, challenge perceptions and make a positive impact in community and universally.

Illuminate Productions was founded in 2004 by Caroline Jones and Tessa McArthur.



To date we have partnered with and have been supported by many councils, organisations and authorities including…