A mobile Interactive living musical landscape to relax and explore


23rd October - 3rd November

Various locations along Blackfriars Road and surrounding area (TBA)

Supported by
Kindly supported by Southwark Council as part of Blackfriars Stories, Missen Acoustic and Fourth Day Public Relations


This bio-reactive, plant-controlled installation aims to open pathways to relaxation and emotional healing through nature, art and sound.

Designed by award winning and critically acclaimed artist Mileece, the installation will enable participants to create original quadrophonic sound, based on their interaction with plants.

Inside a mobile Pod, the public can interact with the living landscape and connect to remote ecologies through immersive audio and imagery.

Cloaked with lush groves of plants; a bio-generated electronic and bioacoustic soundscape will generate a unique, harmonic, restorative sonic atmosphere that changes from living interactions. Small electrodes attached to leaves will sense subtle changes occurring within the physiology of plants, the data will then be processed through Mileece’s self-authored software and transformed into unique musical soundscapes, designed with the intention to be pleasing to both humans and the plants themselves.

An interactive light system, ‘Lumilia’ will illuminate bio-electrical energy through colour morphing LED’s, that pixelate through bespoke 3D printed bio-mimicked structures - as a simulation of the flow of information between organisms in the soil.

Pip’s Plant Parlour is designed to mobilize art experiences and bring nature and culture to people in areas that are ecology poor and to people that are unable to travel far due to mobility or time constraints.  Through participation the installation aims to enhance visitors psychological well-being by decreasing their negative and enhancing their positive emotions, whilst inspiring and teaching ways of integrating nature and nurture.

Participants of all ages are invited to explore the installation.

Mileece can be heard being interviewed in two separate hour-long broadcasts on ResonanceFM. The first of these interviews – given alongside her father, fuel cell pioneer and ex-music video director, Nick Abson – is on Friday 11 October at 8pm (repeated Monday 14 October, 10am). The second interview will be on Thursday 17 October, 8pm (repeated Friday 18 October, 10am).

A series of workshops, panel discussions and live music events will run alongside (TBA)




Mileece is a multi-disciplinary sonic artist, environment designer, and a pioneer in spacialised generative music, gestural interfaces and plant biofeedback.

She has toured an array of prestigious museums, festivals and venues (including: MoMA, NYC, BHIF Festival, Bhutan, Kew Gardens, London) with her hand-coded ‘aesthetic sonification’ system, interactive sculptures, hand crafted instruments, live and composed music and field recordings as immersive installations and performances.

Her message of ‘promoting ecology through technology and the arts’ has reached over 10 million people through primetime features, campaigns, documentaries and presentations (including: ‘Grow Something Greater” campaign, ‘Sonic Garden’ at Sonos Studios installation and the VICE motherboard episode).

As a composer and recording artist, her debut work ‘Formations’ was internationally critically acclaimed, heralded by the BBC as an “outstanding release, real musical science”. Mileece is Creative and Technical Director to her collaborative zero-impact energy, network-based urban wilderness sanctuaries project, aimed to help balance our modern lives with the needs and benefits of our biosphere.